Azerbaijan Marriage Customs

Azerbaijan is actually a country which has a unique and rich matrimony tradition. It really is known worldwide due to the rich and festive events. The wedding service is with a reception with traditional meals.

A few days and nights before the marriage ceremony, a groom’s family arranges for a dowry ceremony to get ready the bride-to-be for her marriage. The dowry includes bed linens, clothes, boots and shoes, jewels and other gifts.

Throughout the period ahead of the wedding, the bride-to-be was a visitor of her relatives and friends in flip. She was handed blankets, beds, pillows, a nazbalish (a significant, online dating safety tips soft pillow), carpets, kitchenware and other presents which were added to her dowry.

In some locations, a ‘khinayakhdi’ was held where all the women and women were dyed with henna and decorated their very own hands. It was a way of displaying that the person is ready to get married.

Then a group of 25-30 persons gathered about the bride. Amongst her brothers, sisters-in-law or her father place a ring on the finger and covered her shoulder blades with a kerchief. They also provided her a few sweets.

After the ‘khinayakhdi’, merry-making and dancing started out. The music held up until the early morning.

In some regions, the ‘khinayakhdi’ took place in the bride’s home when in other villages it was saved in the groom’s house. On the ‘khinayakhdi’, the girls and women sang bayati (folk quatrains) and danced. We were holding also given trays of fruit and charaz (nuts, fried peas and dried out fruits) that have been placed on a shakh-tree.