Belize Relations with Other Countries

The Conservancy created a financial mechanism, which would later become the underpinning of its Blue Bonds for Ocean Conservation program, to help Seychelles secure long-term funding for marine conservation. The Conservancy worked with the country and its creditors to help lower the financing rate for part of the nation’s debt, and helped find international grants to further support the transaction.

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Its Blue Bond is inspiring other governments to work with the Conservancy on similar sustainable debt solutions. As conservation groups and governments consider strategies to protect 30% of the world’s lands and waters by 2030, many coastal and island nations have expressed interest in managing their marine resources but don’t have the budget to do so. Several other deals are in the pipeline elsewhere in the Caribbean, Africa, Latin America and the Pacific. Nearly half of the country’s population lives in coastal communities, which rely on marine ecosystems for income, food and flood protection. Tourism accounts for 40% of the country’s economy, and a quarter of that is estimated to depend on coral reefs alone. Yet the annual budget to enforce environmental laws and expand protected areas has been less than $1 million.

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And this circumstance, in a region that has of late been devastated by COVID-19, two major hurricanes , and is suffering from profound, structural democratic deficits, could put strains in the balance of power in a highly sensitive area for the United States. Clearly, Washington continues to enjoy a solid geopolitical predominance in Central America that the Chinese cannot match in the short term. Yet, the challenge is not small nor the outlook optimistic, unless Central America is capable to significantly increase its human development and overcome its deep democratic failings. Partly as a result, Central America seems particularly fertile ground for Chinese expansion. For nearly 60 years, the preeminent Asian power in Central America was not the People’s Republic of China, but Taiwan.

  • Uruguay28 September 1987Both countries established diplomatic relations on 28 September 1987.
  • Holy See9 March 1983Both countries established diplomatic relations on 9 March 1983.
  • Guatemala claims the treaty was never fulfilled because the road was never built, so the country nullified the cession of territory.
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  • Bahamas21 September 1981Both countries established diplomatic relations on 21 September 1981.

The United States assists Belize with weather-related events and other natural hazards. Among small states, Belize ranks 3rd for susceptibility to natural disasters and 5th at risk for climate change. We work with Belize in the UN to advance climate action to limit the global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius. U.S. Embassy Public Affairs programming promotes entrepreneurship, media literacy, and social and economic inclusion.

But most importantly, Huawei is ahead of its technological rivals in preparing for the 5G transition. The PUP and the UDP governments both welcomed assistance from the United States, but this assistance was sometimes the subject of criticism. In the mid-1980s, for example, the presence of Peace Corps volunteers in government offices, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and secondary schools raised concerns that jobs were being taken away from Belizeans. People also complained that the volunteers interfered unduly in internal government affairs. In response to this criticism, the Peace Corps reduced the number of volunteers in Belize from more than 200 to less than 100 by early 1991. The role of AID consultants in preparing government development plans under the UDP government and the strings attached to aid from the United States have also been subjects of criticism.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, United States foreign assistance to Belize totaled between US$9.3 million and US$10.7 million a year, a sharp decline from 1985, when it totaled US$25.7 million. Development Assistance and Peace Corps programs accounted for the bulk of the aid. In 1990 Development Assistance totaled US$6.5 million and Peace Corps programs totaled US$2.5 million. Although Belize received a total of US$32.0 million in Economic Support Funds from 1983 through 1987, it received no funds from this program in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Belize was a beneficiary of the Caribbean Basin Initiative , under which the United States permits duty-free access to United States markets for imports from most Caribbean Basin countries . The 1859 treaty, however, included a provision for Britain to assist in the construction of a road from Guatemala City to the Caribbean coast.


Not even the existence of a Free Trade Agreement between the two countries since 2011, nor the “strategic relationship” which China and Costa Rica vowed to develop after 2015, was sufficient to generate significant concern from Washington. Given the international support for this timetable, Belize, Britain, and Guatemala again sought a negotiated settlement. On March 11, 1981, the three parties signed an agreement known as the Heads of Agreements. The agreement laid out sixteen subjects, or heads, that were to be agreed to in a formal treaty at a later date. Popular reaction to the Heads of Agreement was overwhelmingly negative in Belize, and rioting ensued to protest what were perceived to be “unwarranted and dangerous” concessions to Guatemala. Furthermore, Guatemala rejected details of the settlement process and withdrew from the negotiations. The British decision to make security guarantees to Belize, however, enabled Belizean independence to go forward.

Belize and its Diaspora

Similarly, Asian-American Volunteers find that they are often identified by their cultural or racial heritage instead of their American citizenship. The large presence of immigrants from China and Taiwan in Belize has, at times, created hostility among some Belizeans toward people of Chinese descent. In spite of these issues, most Belizeans will graciously welcome you into their homes and communities. Donnais a clinical social worker and has worked with relationships for 30+ years, first as a teacher and then as a social worker.

How Debt Relief Can Help Developing Countries Go Green

“We also know the challenges that come with defending sovereignty and the right to independence as we too have fought a large neighbour,” Woods said, in likely reference to Guatemala’s territorial claims on Belize. Honduras’ conservative ruling party candidate late on Tuesday conceded defeat in the presidential election, paving the way for his leftist rival Xiomara Castro to assume office. TAIPEI, Dec 1 – A senior politician from Belize pledged on Wednesday “steadfast” support for Taiwan during a meeting with President Tsai Ing-wen, amid doubts whether fellow Central American nation Honduras will maintain ties with the island following a presidential election. Older Volunteers may find their age an asset in-country and will often have access to individuals and insights that are not available to younger Volunteers. But, pre-service training can be particularly stressful for older trainees, whose lifelong learning styles and habits may or may not lend themselves to the techniques used. A 50+ individual may be the only older person in a group of Volunteers and initially may not feel part of the group. Some 50+ Volunteers may find it difficult to adapt to a lack of structure and clarity in their role after having worked for many years in a very structured and demanding job.

Peru27 November 1991Both countries established diplomatic relations on 27 November 1991. Jamaica3 November 1982Both countries established diplomatic relations on 3 November 1982. Honduras21 September 1982Both countries established diplomatic relations on 21 September 1982. Grenada21 September 1981Both countries established diplomatic relations on 21 September 1981.

Belize became a member of the United Nations following its 1981 independence from the United Kingdom. Belize and the United States belong to a number of the same international organizations, including the United Nations, Organization of American States, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and World Trade Organization. PalestineUnder the previous premiership of Said Musa, Belize remained a staunch supporter of Palestinian rights and shunned relations with Israel due to the latter’s military and intelligence support for Guatemala.